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How do I get help with using the system?

You can utilise the in-site tour by clicking the "Getting started' link in the footer, by clicking on any 'Tour' buttons embedded in the UI, and if you need a human being to help you out, just send an email to and one of our friendly staff will be in touch right away.

Can I do multi-day events?

This feature is on its way, for now, multi day events need each separate day to be created as it's own unique event in the system.

Can I do printed tickets?

Absolutely. Just save off the PDF of the ticket using the option for this on the ticketing page, and print the PDF.

How do I create my own floorplan?

This is currently a beta feature with ongoing development. You can click on the 'Floorplan maker demo' in the footer menu and use the embedded wizard. If you encounter bugs or have feedback, contact us at to help us improve!