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Student Watch Party
Standard Watch Party

Embark on a transformative journey with TEDxWellington.

This year's theme, "Take The Leap," invites you to step beyond the familiar and explore the extraordinary. In a world teeming with potential, "Take The Leap" is more than a theme; it's a call to action—a challenge to embrace the unknown, to dare to dream bigger, and to push the boundaries of what we believe is possible.

Join us on April 13th at the Rutherford House campus of Victoria University of Wellington, and be part of a day where curiosity leads to discovery, ideas ignite change, and a community of forward-thinkers gathers to shape the future.


TEDxWellington Tickets on sale asset

TEDxWellington 2024 speakers

Diverse Ways to Experience the Magic:

TEDxWellington 2024 is designed to ensure that everyone, regardless of where they are, can be part of this leap into innovation and inspiration. We offer a variety of ticket options tailored to different experiences:

  • Standard Tickets: Be in the main theatre with the speakers and feel the energy of live performances.
  • Watch Party Tickets: As an overflow to the main theatre, this is a unique, live-streamed experience in a dedicated theatre on-site, ensuring you're part of the excitement and community spirit. The watch party in theatre number 2 offers an intimate screen experience while still offering all the same benefits as a standard ticket - experience the interactive experiences, delicious catering, a chance to meet the speakers, and all the same benefits as the stage environment but at a more accessible price point.
  • Global Live Streaming:
    For our global audience, the event will be live-streamed across social media channels, ensuring that the leap we take is a global one, transcending geographical boundaries and connecting minds worldwide.

What to expect on the day!

TEDxWellington promises to deliver an incredible full-day experience. Registration opens at 9am.
The final agenda will be released to ticket holders before the event, but here's a little sneak-peak of what to expect:

A Leap Towards Connection and Discovery:
"Take The Leap" symbolizes our collective journey into the unknown, armed with the power of ideas worth spreading. It's about the courage to change, the drive to innovate, and the bond of community that propels us forward. Whether you're witnessing the event live, participating in our innovative Watch Party, or tuning in from across the globe, you're part of a movement towards a brighter, more inspired world.


Fuel Your Leap:
Throughout the day, enjoy culinary delights and refreshing beverages, with coffee provided by our friends at The Lab, ensuring you're energized to take in every moment.

Powered by Community:
This event is a testament to the strength of collaboration, supported by our partners, sponsors, and an incredible volunteer effort. It's a celebration of what we can achieve when we come together, united by a passion for ideas and innovation.

Networking, Afterparty, and Beyond:
TEDxWellington is not just about listening; it's about engaging, connecting, and sharing. With dedicated networking opportunities presented by our after-event networking drinks, we're creating spaces for ideas to collide, relationships to form, and future collaborations to be born.




TEDxWellington Sponsors
Rutherford House Photo by James Mann
Rutherford House - Photo Credit: James Mann - Athfield Architects

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum 10 tickets per person.
  • "Watch Party" tickets are for a separate theater space at the Rutherford House venue that will be livestreaming the experience from the adjacent main theater. Watch Party tickets otherwise still include all the same privileges as a standard ticket.
  • Event includes catering for lunch. Light refreshments also provided for networking function and after party. Barista style coffee and baked treats also available to purchase on the day from The Lab cafe.

Rutherford House

Rutherford House is on the Pipitea Campus of Victoria University of Wellington.